Discover the stunning beauty and variety of Pyrenean flora.

Time of year: Apríl to August.

Participants: minimum 2, Botanists and enthusiasts – from beginners to experts.

Cost: From 35€/person.

Difficulty: Easy.

Botany in the Pyrenees is fascinating and beautiful! You will find flowers like jewels, endemic species unique to the Pyrenees like Ramonda myconi and Petrocoptis, orchids, carnivorous plants …….. It´s also amazing to find out how plants adapt to thrive in often very hostile mountain environments.

On a Flowers & Botany Experience we will spend the day exploring several beautiful areas – alpine meadows, cliffs and rock habitats, wetland, rivers and forest.

There is an incredible variety of flowers and plants and we´ll also enjoy seeing butterflies and insects associated with them as well as the rich bird and animal life of these valleys.

To see the best selection of flowers the places we visit vary according to the time of year. In Spring we explore South facing slopes and areas lower in the valley while, in Summer, we go higher.

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