Light, composition and expression in a stunning landscape. For beginners and enthusiasts

Time of year: All year.

Participants: minimum 2, Nature photographers – beginners to expertss.

Cost: From 35€/person.

Difficulty: Easy.

A fun day to start using you camera to get the kind to make images you want to see rather than photos your camera wants to take using auto settings. We´ll visit several beautiful parts of the valley and make photos of the stunning views, landscape details, the birds, flowers and butterflies.

We´ll look at composition, feeling and expression, depth of field and, above all, how to work with light. Don´t worry if you don´t have a ´proper´ camera – You can work wonders with a mobile phone camera when you know how to use it !

We also offer photography trips for more experienced photographers – Birds of prey, specific species and hide photography.

Please get in touch and we´ll be delighted to help you organise an excellent photography trip. 

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